Toon Philosophy

By Deep Blue Toons

I think about tooning as a continuum - each tooner toons according to rules he or she has learned by looking deep into the toons that came before.  A line here, a shadow there, a curvature of the mouth up or down - these are symbols, letters that shape the toon.  They don't rise from scratch or nothing.  Every tooner takes and borrows notes from the toon continuum, but then owns them - alters them slightly, remixes, or rekindles old tropes.  So, in the end, tooning isn't just about communicating with the world outside the head where the toon developed - it's also about communicating with a timeline of toons.  And, of course, it's about playing - which, in my opinion, no one does enough of.  I hope these toons make you laugh or think or feel something.  Thanks for taking a look.